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Lines & Calls

Lines & Calls

Benefit from lower cost line rental & call bundles on all line types.

SIP Lines – A flexible lower cost alternative to ISDN, SIP lines allows you to connect your phone system to the IP voice service using a broadband or ethernet connection.

SIP lines provide a practical and affordable business continuity solution for any sized organisation, protecting your office from unexpected events such as a fire, flood or other disaster.

Calls can quickly and easily be routed to alternative destinations such as mobile phones or home offices, or you may wish to plan ahead and have back up call plans ready for when disaster strikes.

There may be a time when the entire office needs to be temporarily relocated  in an emergency. This can also be done quickly and cost effectively with SIP lines, with no call forwarding costs – something you would not be able to achieve with ISDN.


In simple terms, a PSTN line is a standard telephone line like the one you would have at home to power your telephone and broadband services. It stands for Public Switched Telephone Network and is the most basic type of telephone line available.

With a PSTN line it is only possible to have a single telephone number per line, which can be restrictive if you  wanted multiple numbers for departments, or individual direct dial numbers to increase the efficiency of your incoming call handling.


This is a digital line that can be used for voice and data communications. ISDN2 stands for “Integrated Services Digital Network” and provides a cost effective way to deliver multiple lines in to one property.

ISDN2 lines start from 2 channels and further connections can be added as your business grows. If you get to the stage where more than 8 channels are required, then ISDN30 will be better suited.


This is very similar to an ISDN2 line. It provides a larger number of channels, making it more suitable and cost effective if your business has a requirement for more than 8 and a maximum of 30 telephone lines.

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We work with you to design and specify a bespoke solution, using exactly the right technology that meets the needs of your business. And we get it right first time.


We’ve been connecting businesses for many years, so we know you want minimum disruption and maximum customer service.

Project Management

We will take ownership of all the elements involved in delivering a successful telephony implementation. From porting your telephone numbers, cabling your premises, installing new lines through to programming your new platform to ensure it delivers improved business efficiency.


Should you run into any problems, our remote monitoring systems will pick them up quickly and our customer service teams and helpdesk will either resolve them remotely or we’ll get someone on site to get it fixed. We make it our business to ensure our response times are better than the industry standard.

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